Get Started Speaking


No one ever built a business behind the glow of a laptop screen.

The appeal of that screen is a strong one. We hear stories of people making millions online, the 4-hour work week and the romanticized version of an entrepreneur. You know, the man or woman who spends their time checking email on the beach in-between Mojito’s.

For a select few maybe that’s their life. But for 99% of us, we have to go out there and build our businesses in the real world. That means shaking hands, meeting people and speaking.

Speaking from the stage has been the single most important thing we have done to build our business (we’ve sold millions from the stage in just the last two years). No matter what type of person you are, introvert, extrovert, or an ambivert – and no matter what type of list size you have – there is a stage for you.

Not sure where to speak? Are you looking for more places to share your stand and make an impact?

Here are some ways to get on stage:

  1. Networking groups   They are always looking for guests to enhance the value of their meetings (click here to check out our post about how to Work the Room like a Red Elephant to find out how you can network more effectively).
  2. Ask your network! The entrepreneurs you know already most likely belong to some networking groups or clubs – see if they are looking for speakers. Be specific with your ask. Share that you can provide
  3. Pay to Play – this can be one of your most valuable and profitable ways to speak. When you sponsor an event, you are positioned as an expert in the room and are able to make an offer.
  4. Your local Chamber of Commerce – this is a great place to build a consistent, visible presence in your community and a great place to gain ample opportunities to speak in front of varying groups.
  5. Create your own stage! Hosting your own event is the best way to get in front of an audience. This can be a 5 person round table, a 25 person meetup or a 50 person workshop.

Final Thoughts

Speaking gives you exposure and credibility. It sets you apart as a market leader and thought leader. It’s also “real.” You meet customers in real life, you get to interact, converse and sell. It’s the most powerful business building tool at your disposal.

It’s also hard to do well. We always see speakers at the top of their game and we never see the hard work that goes into that. These people speak on hundreds, even thousands of stages, before they get to the top, before they start making $50,000 for every speaking opportunity.

Some people just get lucky. About 1% of people have a huge break and make it to the top of the speaking world in no time. For the other 99% of us (which includes us, you, and everyone we’ve seen make it big), it takes hard work, dedication, and a relentless attitude.

So what does it take to make it to the that top 1%? How can you speed up the process so you can make money speaking and selling from the stage? Post your thoughts in the comment section below!