Announcing an Important Addition to The Red Elephant Team!

During Speak to Impact Live, the 3-day event we hosted in Orlando in March of 2017, we made a pretty big announcement that’s going to change things around Red Elephant in some really exciting ways.

 If you missed the event, don’t worry! We are hosting Speak To Impact Live again on June 21st to the 23rd in sunny Las Vegas! Click here to learn all about that.

 But that’s not why we are publishing this!

 If you missed the announcement in Orlando, we want to formally introduce you to our new Vice-President, Gary Montalvo!!! (Cue confetti!)

If you’ve spent any time around Red Elephant in the last couple of years, chances are you are no stranger to Gary.

In addition to growing his own business (Latitude Coaching) to multiple six-figures in just 24 months, he’s also been the Director of Coaching for Red Elephant, playing a key role in the delivery of our Speaker Mastermind programs by training our coaches, our team and our clients.

 {Meet the rest of the Red Elephant Team!}

By bringing Gary on-board full-time we are ensuring that our clients get the Leadership training they need to give them a cutting edge in an ever-changing marketplace.

 This will also allow us to expand the services Red Elephant currently offers to new markets and in new innovative ways. Gary has been here a short time and already we can feel the up-level that he’s bringing to the team.

Have we mentioned we are EXCITED!!

Gary was one of our first clients and has participated in all of our mastermind programs (Flight Club, Business Class, The Edge and The Edge Elite) as well as executed successful 1-day and 3-day events.

His role as VP may be new, but this has been his home for many years…. We are thrilled to make it official.

Welcome Home, Gary!
Now get to work!