3 Tips to Grow Your Tribe and Get More Clients

We get a lot of questions from people about how to build a full roster of dedicated clients – so we wanted to offer some tips.

We all want clients. As business owners, clients are the ultimate goal.

Finding clients starts with building a tribe of raving fans.

When you have a community that’s unique to you, looks to you as the expert, and wants to spend more time with you, you’ll never have to go very far to find new clients. They’ll be right there – inside of your tribe.

Here’s some tips for finding and developing raving fans:


1.) Be seen – consistently

In order to actually build a community… you need to get out and be seen! Go to networking events, seminars, conferences, retreats – any place you can be seen – and use these events to people to add to your tribe (you can use online strategies like Facebook Live, email marketing, and webinars to stay in front of your audience and nurture them when you’re not in person with them!)

 Most important tip – Show up! Consistently showing up at events in your industry and in the online space will build trust, and trust is a key element to building your tribe.


2.) Provide value

It’s your job to push the conversation forward in a positive, inspiring way which provided people with actionable value.

Value is not defined by just leaving them feeling good or inspired. You want to give them the type of value that leaves them in action and able to produce a result, even if that’s a small one.

 You’ve heard over and over again – “give ‘em a taste and make sure they pay you for the best stuff.” We think this is total bogus. We say, “Give them your best stuff and make a huge difference while they’re there with you.” In an abundance mindset, there will be plenty of business to follow.


3.) Always have a call to action… and follow up, follow up, and follow up some more

 This last tip is crucial.

AND it’s where most people fall down. Don’t be like most people.

It’s important to drive people to a goal using a call to action (“come see me at the break and I’ll offer you a free strategy session!” or “head to my website to get my free tip sheet!”), and even more important to follow-up with them to make sure they achieve that goal and go further.

Make friends with your phone. Email and text follow up are great and necessary, but in this age of people doing more and more business on the internet than ever before, it’s imperative to connect with people live. They will reward you for it.


We hope this helped you!

If you have any questions about building your tribe, send us an email at [email protected], or comment below!

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