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Making The Right Offer to The Right Room

Speaking is all about opportunity And opportunity requires a unique understanding of your audience. In some rooms, you may want to invite participants to work with you because what they require is real-time results . In other rooms, you may be looking to have the participants join your email list. Sometimes (rarely), making an offer […]

Network Like an Elephant

Work The Room like a Red Elephant Attending live events has been (and is) the single most effective way to BE SEEN. We’ve been to everything from happy hours to seminars to 3-Day Conferences and each time, we use the following guidelines to work the room.   Networking tips to take with you to any […]

Get Started Speaking

No one ever built a business behind the glow of a laptop screen. The appeal of that screen is a strong one. We hear stories of people making millions online, the 4-hour work week and the romanticized version of an entrepreneur. You know, the man or woman who spends their time checking email on the […]