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If you don’t know how we define “Stand” at Red Elephant and why it’s critical to the success of your movement, business, and tribe, then you should first read our previous blog post, “What The Hell Is A Stand And Why You Should Care.”

If you’re reading this, you’re someone that cares about making a difference. You have goals. You have ambitions. There’s something in the world you want to change.

That’s what having a stand is all about.

But you’re human, you can’t be fired up all the time. You have setbacks. It’s natural.

Human beings are cyclical, we expand, and we contract. We’re always trying to expand, to grow, to improve, to make ourselves better.

When we’re in times of expansion, everything is great! We’re growing, and it’s positive.

When we’re in times of contraction, we tend to lose focus, and to contract much more than we grow when we’re in a state of expansion.

The thing to do is to identify when you’re contracting. The faster you can identify to yourself that you’re in a bad place or you’re not taking action, the sooner you can move past it and start growing again.

This is critical for your stand – every time you’re not taking positive action, your stand suffers (which means your business suffers too).

That’s why we came up with this list of 10 things you do that sabotage your stand. So you can identify that you’re in stand-sabotage, get clear, and get back to positive growth.

Explained Further:

  • You Get Lazy. Getting lazy is a trap we all fall into. Sometimes it’s healthy to be lazy so you can recharge (if that’s what recharges you). But mostly we get lazy and “forget” our responsibilities. We’re not saying you need to work 24 / 7, but we are saying that when you work, WORK. Don’t get distracted, don’t let others motivate you to lose focus. Laziness is a killer of being in your stand.
    Children get lazy in a bad way. They think, “This is hard, I don’t want to do it.” So they don’t do it.
    You are not a child – you’re an adult. And adults do what they have to. So do what you have to do to stay in your stand.
  • You Try To Look Good. Remember high school? Remember when looking good meant everything? Well, I have a secret for you – you’re not in high school anymore. Trying to look good will get you nowhere.
    If you want to start and lead a movement, you have to ignore the haters, and just like you have more access to a bigger megaphone than ever thanks to the internet, the haters have that access too. The people making the biggest difference in the world today don’t care about looking good or if they do, they bury it, get uncomfortable, and take the actions they know will further their stand. Because standing for making a positive difference in the world may not always be popular, but it’s necessary.
  • You Operate From Fear. Fear, scarcity, playing it safe – these kind of things will keep you down. They’ll keep you from taking the actions you need to take to impact the world in a positive way. It’s OK to have fear – being brave doesn’t mean you’re not afraid. Being brave means you acknowledge your fear and you take the actions you know you need to take regardless of that fear. Be brave, aan stay in your stand.
  • You Try To Be Liked / Loved. Just like trying to look good, this is a trap many people fall into. As a coach, a changemaker, an influencer, you probably have strong opinions. And those opinions may rub some people the wrong way.
    And that’s OK.You will make friends because of your business. But it’s more important to tell people what they need to hear, instead of what they want to hear. It’s better for people in your tribe to respect you instead of liking you – their respect of you will inspire them to take action.
  • You Listen To Nay-Sayers. There will always be people that tell you, “this will never work,” or, “this isn’t worth doing,” or event, “maybe you should just give up.”
    If you listen to these people, you’ll get nowhere in life. Ignore them, or turn them into fans by being a stand for them to see why you can’t stop and why it will work.
  • You Avoid Being Responsible. When you’re truly being in your stand, you will always own your actions. You will show up on time. You will be accountable for your schedule, for your fans, for your community.

    You will have integrity.And having integrity is everything. Having integrity and being responsible means you’ll do what you said you’d do, the way you said you’d do it, when you said you’d do it. So do it!
  • You Refuse To Do What It Takes. People operating completely in their stands will make sacrifices to do what it takes to accomplish their goals. That’s the attitude you need to have if you want your change to become a reality in the world. Sometimes, it’s a lot easier to not do what it takes. If you find yourself deciding not to take an action you know would you need to because it’s hard or you’re tired, recognize that you are not being in your stand. And take that action anyways.
  • You Are Not Willing To Be Judged. It’s important to ignore the nay-sayers – but you also need to be aware of what the people you trust are saying. And listen to them. We sometimes call this “being coachable.”
    If you’re willing to be coached and understand that criticism can be meant to help you, you’ll go much further. If you always think you’re right and you’re not open to people helping you, you may find the road to change very tough.
  • You Talk A Big Game But You Take No Action. Hey, we get it! It’s easy to talk about how great things will be when your stand is realized by everyone. It’s easy to talk about that event you’re going to hold. It’s easy to talk about the webinar you’re going to host. It’s easy to talk about the company you’re going to start.
    Results are results – measure yourself by your results, not your words. Take a few minutes and write down your goals from the last year and then write the results. Identify that some of the things you didn’t accomplish weren’t completed because you weren’t being completely in your stand. You may have talked about some of these things but in the end, you didn’t take the actions required to accomplish these things.

    And that’s OK! Just identify that you may not have been in your stand, and next time, take a stand.
  • You Organize Yourself To Stay Comfortable. This is the most important point. As human beings, we all love to be comfortable – in fact, most people would rather be comfortable than rich. Most people would rather be comfortable than talk to their kids about sex. Most people would rather be comfortable than host a big event. Most people would rather be comfortable than call people to enroll them in their stand.

    If you want your stand to come true in the world, you cannot be most people. You must get comfortable being uncomfortable. When you can identify that your comfort is getting in the way of your stand and you can take action to correct that, you will truly be making a difference.


If you need any assistance identifying when you’re sabotaging your stand, comment below, or shoot us a message at [email protected]!

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  1. Gregory Anne
    Gregory Anne says:

    Lots of juicy stuff here to consider and Ouch, You bruised my ego! She needed a reality check today though so thanks for your stand and for honesty. There is so much BS, lack of accountability, “Unapologetic” about everything we don’t do these days that it’s one of the reasons we are in crisis as a world. Keep bringing it real Red Elephant.


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