What the hell is a STAND and why should you care?

When Afrin & I started Red Elephant, we wanted out of the corporate world. We wanted financial freedom and choice. We wanted control, and we saw entrepreneurship as the vehicle that could give us those things.

But that wasn’t the main reason we started Red Elephant.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you didn’t start your business just to make money. You started your business (or you plan to start your business) because you have a vision of how you want the world to be.

You started your business because you know there is a difference that you can make in the world, and your business is the catalyst that will ignite that change.

And your unique reason, whatever it is, will also drive the success of your business.

We call that reason your “Stand.”

What does “stand” mean?

It’s the thing, person, or cause that you stand for. It’s that situation in the world you see over and over again that pisses you off or moves you in some way and you are on a mission to change.

Your stand is the one thing on Earth that you can no longer do nothing about. It’s something you dedicate your life to. It’s what makes you do what you do and be who you are.

And it’s the most important ingredient in the recipe for a thriving business.

Let us tell you why.

Successful businesses aren’t successful because they have good marketing, great customer service, or a solid sales team. Successful businesses are successful because they know how to create a movement. Movements create raving fans. Raving fans turn into leads. Leads turn into clients.

Would you rather have a client roster full of people that sort-of believe in what you do, or a group of clients that are excited about what you’re creating and can’t wait to share it with their friends?

If that’s why you started your business, don’t you think you should be connected to that reason? To that purpose? To that mission?

Wouldn’t you be more authentic and genuine if you started every business conversation connecting to the reasons you started your business, and not just thinking about the next sale or the next big opportunity to make money?

And if you were more genuine, wouldn’t that turn into raving fans?

It would – and raving fans turn into clients. The best kind of clients.

That’s why you should care about your stand, and why you should connect to it.

Here are those three questions we want you asking yourself again

  • Who do you want to impact?
  • How do you want to impact them?
  • Why do you want to do this?

Tell us your stand please! Comment below!

Want help figuring out your stand? Reach out to our team for help! Contact us at [email protected].

11 replies
  1. Laura Kamrath
    Laura Kamrath says:

    I want to help small business owners cut through the confusion that so many of them experience around marketing, so that they can build a system that works, make more money, and grow in success!

  2. Naomi J Hardy
    Naomi J Hardy says:

    Your post really states why I started my business. It is refreshing to hear someone articulate my thoughts and passion so well. I look forward to more information from you!!!

  3. Eric Sharpe
    Eric Sharpe says:

    YES! You guys helped me get into my “Stand” years ago!! Now business has gone from 0 to 100+mph

    Thank you both! It’s been a wild ride these past few years.

    I am impacting my community by teaching kids technology. I am being recognized because of it and my relationships are benefitting because of this all. Iman and Afrin are incredible coaches.

  4. Peter
    Peter says:

    I am & and still doing it. Maybe someday more will listen, till then I just do what I can.
    After all this post shows that I have not exactly been silent!

  5. Jane Harris
    Jane Harris says:

    Stop the suffering of older women (40-75) who are stuck.
    Group Immersion with coaching including art therapy.
    I got unstuck in so many areas that I want other women to have and feel that freedom.

  6. Art Drentlau
    Art Drentlau says:

    First of all congratulations on all your accomplishments!
    I want to impact everyone!
    I want to open there Heart-Minds because they are suppose to work together in Harmony!
    I want to do it because us to experience who we really are together!

    This Greeting will give you an Idea of who that is! Namaste! I have a deeper meaning to the greeting Namaste, my meaning is that I behold the Divine in you and the Divine in me wishes to interact with you from the standpoint that our None Physical Higher-Selves/Souls choose to work with one another in that way. There are two aspects to Human Beings the larger part of us is None Physical and has complete access to Source Energy/God then there is the Ego which has total and unconditional Freewill to Think, Believe and Act any way it chooses. If it chooses to work in harmony with the Higher-Self as it was designed to we can experience Heaven on Earth.

  7. Tanisha Layne
    Tanisha Layne says:

    What a great article! It simple and easy to understand.

    I stand for women to live their dreams no matter the circumstances, because when women are focused on their God -given dreams, they are powerful beings able to create the impossible.

    I appreciate ALL your support with helping me get to this point. My stand makes my heart beat.


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