The Importance of Influence

The Importance of Influence

For those of you who are fans of the hit HBO Show, Game of Thrones, you know just how important ‘INFLUENCE,’ or the ability to influence actually is.

Wars are fought and won, crowns are earned or taken, lives are spared or lost, all on the characters’ abilities to influence others.

This is why for the the last month, we’ve been talking to you about the importance of a ‘Stand.’

WITHOUT A STAND, YOU WON’T INFLUENCE ANYONE. Not in any meaningful or lasting way.

So hopefully by now, you’ve trued up your stand – if not, please review any of our blogs about the importance of a Stand and why you need one.

See, the characters in GOT not only have huge Stands that they’re willing to give their lives for, but they let their Stands inform all of their actions, which is what gives them access to so much power and fandom, and ultimately increases their ability to Influence others.

Translate that to your business.

If you stood for something with everything you could give it – what would that do for your fans? How much access would they have to what’s important to them? What would they want to learn from you? How much INFLUENCE would you wield?

How many people are not being served because you won’t Stand for what you know is your duty to Stand for? Who do you miss out on influencing and making a difference for as a result of?

Here are our two favorite characters from GOT, and without spoiling anything, we want to tell you why:
A Queen and a King in their own right, they Stand for what they believe in no matter what the cost. They risk everything so that what they Stand for gets realized.

Because their relentless about their Stands, their ability to Influence others isn’t something they need to work at or do or practice as many experts will teach you to do. Their ability to Influence is natural to who they are because they don’t need to politic or market any particular way outside of just staying true to who they are.

Because of that, there’s nothing others won’t do for them.

We’d love to hear from you – what are some actions you can take this week to increase your influence? Comment below.

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