Transforming Prospects into Fans

We spent the last 4 weeks talking to you about Influence. How to develop it, How to leverage it, and more importantly How to use it to make an impact.

We believe so strongly in the power of influence that we even hosted a 10-day influence challenge and had hundreds of entrepreneurs participate. It was pretty inspiring to watch them all have so many breakthroughs.

Hopefully you’ve been implementing that training and seeing some of the results of what developing your influence can do for you and your business. One of those results you will start to notice is, you now have Fans.

Yes FANS. Now that you have proven yourself to be a person of influence the Fans are gonna follow.

And that’s great news because in order to have a thriving business you must have Fans.

Fans don’t just buy from you – they refer you, they share about you, they engage with you, they become YOUR community or tribe. And a tribe is an essential part of creating an impact.

So much so that many communities get branded with unique names:

  • Star Trek fans are called “Trekkies.”
  • Hunger Game Fans are called “Tributes.”
  • Lady Gaga has “Little Monsters.”
  • Justin Bieber has “Beliebers.”
  • Barry Manilow has “Fanilows.”
  • Stephen Colbert has “Colbert Nation.”
  • Lisa Sasevich has “Sassies.”
  • Suzanne Evans has “Hell Yeah Nation.”

At Red Elephant, we have our HERD.

So how do you create Fans?

#1: You have to get in front of them. You can’t create Fans if nobody knows you exist. You have to get out there and be seen.

#2: Once your get in front of them, you give them a ton of value!

We’ve been saying this for a long time. Even when we were coached not to – give them your best stuff. And it has to be information they can process and easily implement. If you can have your potential fans/clients produce results from something you gave them before ever opening their wallets, two things will happen.

  1. The people who really want to invest will see that value and invest with you.
  2. The people who aren’t ready to invest or were looking for free resources will become even bigger fans and potentially become marketing mouth-pieces for you.

Either way, you win, and so do they. 

#3: Keep giving them value and do it consistently. Don’t give them value once and then disappear. If your fans can count on little bits and chunks of value from you at consistent times, delivered to them in a consistent format, they’ll keep showing up for it.

Again, some of them will be ready to make the jump and start working with you.

Consistency yields trust so by becoming consistent, you’ll be building trust with those who aren’t ready.

About those who aren’t ready –  you’ll be serving them in ways they need to be served and making a difference in their businesses. They’ll remember that when they are ready, and at the very least, think well of you. 

Be sure to tune in next week’s when we’ll discuss how to convert Fans into RAVING FANS!!!

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